goop has a big heart.  

We at goop are dedicated to raising awareness and donating a portion of our profits to great causes. In the past, we've donated and supported charitable organizations like The Edible Schoolyard, The David Lynch Foundation and Pencils of Promise, all of whom have touched us with their proven success in helping children. This year, we're proud to add the very impressive Please read on to see how each organization has made a valuable difference in the fields of education, nutrition and general wellbeing for children. We hope that after reading about these wonderful causes, you will feel as passionately about them as we do. 


1. The Edible Schoolyard Project: 

Founded in 1996 as the Chez Panisse Foundation by culinary pioneer Alice Waters, The Edible Schoolyard Project is dedicated to transforming the health and values of American children by incorporating edible education lessons into the core curriculum of every school in the country. In addition to supporting the local community and training teachers around the country, Edible has developed an online community of edible educators who share curriculum and best practices to help spread edible education to all schools through their website. For more information or to make a donation, please click here.


2. The David Lynch Foundation

Dedicated to bringing free transcendental meditation instruction to youth in urban schools, particularly women and girls who are victims of violence and abuse, veterans who are suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder, and homeless adults and children. (We’ve featured David Lynch on meditation before.) For more information or to make a donation, please click here.


3. PoP (Pencils of Promise):

Pencils of promise is a global, educational charity that creates sustainable education schools and programs in high-need communities such as Laos, Nicaragua and Guatemala. In addition to building the physical schools, PoP offers continuing educational programs to the villages and further strengthens the community by employing local staff within these schools. For more information or to make a donation, please click here.


4. DonorsChoose

In 2000, Charles Best, a former Bronx public school teacher, founded, an innovative crowdfunding platform that today helps teachers in more than half America’s public schools enrich their students’ education. Teachers post funding requests—for much-needed school supplies, classroom projects, field trips, and more—,that anyone can choose from and donate directly to. With over $232 million in donations over the years, DonorsChoose has been instrumental in improving the education of communities in the worst need  In the future, DC could be instrumental in providing  necessary data to the government about what contemporary public schools need the most. For more information or to make a donation, please click here