1. goop mag #20

    Published: July 31st 2014

    Dr. Habib Sadeghi on Hidden Beliefs That Hold Us Back...

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  2. Ending The Mommy Wars

    Published: May 8th 2014

    Ending the Mommy Wars A few weeks ago during an interview, I was asked why I have only worked on one film a year ...

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  3. Conscious Uncoupling

    Published: March 25th 2014

    It is with hearts full of sadness that we have decided to separate. We have been working hard for well over a year, some of it together, some of it...

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  4. goop mag 14

    Published: February 13th 2014

    goop mag #14 We are up to a little of this and a little of that at goop this week. Live from New York, (legend in...

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  5. The Truth

    Published: August 1st 2013

    The Truth At the end of a lengthy interview for a television program a couple of years ago, I was asked, "On what occasion do you lie?" I thought...

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  6. How to Break a Habit... or Start a New One

    Published: April 25th 2013

    Habits are much more powerful than we realize. So often we act out of what we are used to, what we know, what we have done in the past instead of...

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