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    Today I bring you some tips and wisdom from the people who trick you all into thinking I am a semi-presentable woman. Harry and Prema are two of the foremost hair and makeup artists in the world and they are also dear friends. I asked them, along with Cheri Keating, to give us all (men and women alike) a few pointers for ways we can tighten up our programs.


    Pati Prema Dubroff’s Suggestions

    Five-Minute Makeover:

    It can be super fast and easy to get out the door and still look polished with very minimal makeup. A little goes a long way – and making the extra effort is a big confidence booster. First thing is to find acceptance when you look in the mirror. The mind wants to focus on flaws. Ease it into remembering the beauty of who you are.

    Creamy textures are easiest to use and help keep skin moist and radiant-looking. Setting makeup with powder helps give longer wear and more definition.

    Always remember to keep the powder light – unless you appear on camera. Powder can add years and it’s radiant, glowing skin that looks healthy and youthful.

    1. First step is to even out the skin with the least amount of foundation or concealer. Focus on the center of the face – shadows around the nose, mouth and under the eyes.

    2. Add some cream blush (such as Estee Lauder’s Signature Silky Crème Blush) on the apples of cheeks. Pick a color similar to the color your skin changes to when you flush after some good exercise.

    3. To define eyes quickly, use a dark (waterproof, if possible) pencil on the upper inner rim of eyes. Try to keep it at the base of lashes. If you get any on your eyelid, give it a slight smudge.

    4. To recontour your eyes, use a pencil close to the same tone as your brows. Draw it into the crease of the eye and smudge. This adds tone and contour. The effect is a haze of shadow – not harsh at all.

    5. Coat one or two layers of mascara on curled lashes.

    6. Some people can really benefit from paying attention to the brows. Do yours need to be groomed? Filled in? Defined?

    7. Finally, lightly dab some tinted lipbalm or favorite lipstick on your lips.

    This is the bare minimum to get you out the door and looking fabulous in just five minutes.

    At-Home Treatments

    Detox Bath

    I love Epsom salt baths to detox, revive muscles and de-puff skin. While in the bath, I use an exfoliating mitt (the kind used in Korean bath houses – you can get them at beauty supply stores, Asian markets or health food stores). The exfoliation stimulates skin and leaves it soft and bump-free. After the bath, I slather my skin with extra virgin organic coconut oil. It is sold in jars at health food stores and literally melts on your skin.

    Body Scrub

    1.Mix Turbinado sugar, olive oil and coursely ground coffee to soften and cleanse pores.

    2.Oatmeal and honey also work as a scrub to soften skin.

    3.Aloe vera juice will reduce the redness of razor burn, irritations and some rashes.

    Other Skin Treatments

    To reduce the puffiness of morning eyes, place either a chilled spoon (keep in freezer) on the eye area or soak cotton pads with milk and rest on the eye area.

    Also, help prevent wrinkles around the mouth with daily facial exercises. Pull exaggerated “O” and “E” (as if you were saying “Eeeee…”) shapes with your mouth for 30 seconds. Purse lips right, center, and left and hold each movement for 30 seconds. Repeat. Stick your tongue out as far as you can while keeping your eyes wide.

    Tension in the face and jaw can make us look older and “mean.” These exercises relax and restore facial integrity.

    Pati Dubroff has been obsessed with makeup since she was a very young girl. Today, she is one of the world’s most respected makeup artists. “Prema” is a Sanskrit word that means Divine Love and is the name her friends and family call her. For more information check out

    Harry Josh’s Suggestions

    Five-Minute Makeovers:

    Say you woke up late, went to work, and your hair is a mess. You find out at the end of the day that your girlfriend has set you up on a blind date with a guy right after work. You have no time to shower or go home, but need to pull your look together quick. Here is what I suggest:

    1.Find a drugstore and buy a tight headband, one that you might see someone working out in, but get one that looks thin, cute and very tight (this will pull your face back). Perhaps get one with two elastic bands so it looks a little more special. It needs to have a good grip. Avoid childish colors and prints. Black is sexy and bold.

    2.Secondly, buy some hairpins and one single elastic band.

    3.Go into the bathroom, flip your hair upside down and secure a high ponytail on the crown of your head. Then twist your ponytail until it starts to buckle on the root around the elastic band and start to wrap your hair around the elastic band to create a messy bun. Secure the bun with hairpins instead of an elastic, as it creates a better shape.

    4.Once the bun is secured, put on your headband. You instantly look chic and pulled together and can mimic some of the great looks on the runway today.

    Now, if you’re someone who always wants to wear your hair down, there are other five-minute tricks to making your hair look presentable. If your hair is flat or maybe a bit greasy at the roots but the rest of your texture is perfect, dry shampoo (also known as baby powder in spray form and available at most drugstores) is a great remedy for not only creating lift, but also volume.

    1.Spray the dry shampoo into your roots and/or wherever your hair is a bit greasy.

    2.Flip your head upside down and shake your hair well. Make sure to rake your fingers through the part where you put in the dry shampoo.

    3.When you flip your hair back over, you will notice it looks fresh again. Now sex it up by giving your hair some height at the crown. Tease the bit of hair at the crown, à la Brigitte Bardot. This messy bed-head look will be perfect for a date.

    At-Home Hair Mask:

    Have a day off and want to do an intense hydrating mask? With the summer months coming up, dry, frizzy, unmanageable hair is almost unavoidable for nearly all hair types. Sometimes home remedies can work like a charm. I often recommend that people use a half cup of olive oil and work it through dry hair, concentrating on the driest parts, combing it through but avoiding the roots. At first, your hair may look like an oil slick, but by the end of the day, once the oil has soaked in a bit, your hair just looks wet. The key is to leave it in as long as possible. If you have a day free, wrap it into a bun and secure it with an elastic band. Heat also helps penetrate the oil, so if you’re out and about walking around in the summer or even on vacation, multitask and put the treatment on during the morning, leave it in all day and give it a good shampoo at night. Your hair will be a lot softer after you wash it. What you want to avoid is over-shampooing to get the oil out. Don’t shampoo more than two times in one session. Your hair may appear a tad greasy the next day, but just know you have given it some essential oil and by the time you wash it a second time, the greasiness will disappear.

    Harry Josh is a top celebrity hairstylist who splits his time between Los Angeles and New York City. For additional work or contact info, please check out HARRYJOSH.COM.

    Cheri Keating’s Suggestions

    Top Tips for Men:

    1.One of the easiest but often most overlooked ways to keep a groomed appearance between cuts is to remove excess hair beyond your hairline with clippers or a razor.

    2.The unibrow is a thing of the past; tame unruly eyebrows and other unwanted hair (ears and nose!) with a good pair of slant tweezers – my fave is Tweezerman – and a small pair of round-tipped scissors.

    3.For a more awake appearance I love YSL L’homme Radiant Touch for Men. It’s a moisturizer for under the eyes with the slightest hint of color to subtly brighten the area.

    4.For men who experience bumps after shaving, try exfoliating with a gentle scrub prior to shaving with hot/warm water. Also, try using a conditioner instead of shaving cream. Conditioner softens hair, any hair, and makes shaving all the easier.

    Cheri Keating is one of the most requested artists for men. Her client list includes Seth Rogen, Ewan McGregor, Mark Ruffalo, Jamie Bell, Laurence Fishburne, Australian rockers Jet and British pop star Mika. Cheri’s work can be seen in magazines such as W, Vanity Fair, Vogue, GQ, Nylon, i-D and Details, as well as at many premieres, festivals and on the red carpet of the Academy Awards, the Emmys and the Golden Globes. For more information on Cheri, check out

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