1. Spring Break Prep

    Published: March 20th 2014

    Spring Break Prep She may have many imitators, but there is only one Tracy Anderson, who has revolutionized...

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  2. A Vitamin & Supplement Cheat Sheet

    Published: January 23rd 2014

    A Vitamin & Supplement Cheat Sheet Dr. Frank Lipman has taught me a lot about nutrition and supplementation...

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  3. Spring Cleaning (aka editing your mess of a closet)

    Published: March 14th 2013

    They say spring is coming (although you wouldn't know it from where we are) and thus, it's time for the requisite March freshen up of the closet,...

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  4. Tracy Anderson's 15-Minute Workout

    Published: January 31st 2013

    This week, I circle back to my partner and fitness guru Tracy Anderson as myself and various cohorts have some questions about diet and maximizing...

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  5. Smart Money

    Published: January 17th 2013

    We found this really cool website/money managing program called LearnVest that helps us think about and organize our money. Below we asked Alexa von...

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  6. Entertaining Prep

    Published: December 6th 2012

    I have a few gatherings coming up, so in order to avoid stress we girls at goop have put together a plan to make entertaining fun and stress-free....

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