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    I have loved J.Crew ever since I bought my first grey, oversized rollneck sweater out of the catalog in 1992 (I wish I still had it). Great clothes, great price point. This week, we choose our faves for fall from J.Crew.


    P.S. J.Crew now ships internationally via (And I hear there is a store opening in London in 2013…)

    Transitioning into Fall

    A warm, peach-toned jacket to get you through the fall with a pair of boyfriend shorts for the last warm days of summer.

    Mix it up

    Dress it up with grey tweed and a more formal bag.

    Or, keep the color scheme and concept with a peach-colored sweater and a jean jacket instead.

    The Work Week

    A tweedy black sweater makes for a great work basic.

    Mix it up

    Add boots for an edgier look, or switch into a red sweater and keep the rest the same.

    The Weekender

    Loving the contrast between the bright blue jeans and the navy blue blouse. The
    sunglasses and handbag complete the outfit.

    Mix it up

    Combining primaries with blue flats, red sunnies, a bright green belt
    and a black and white striped tee.

    Suiting up

    Add a pop of turquoise to your classic grey work suit.

    Mix it up

    A few more light and bright options to wear with a grey wool suit.

    Or, switch into a pair of blue cords, pumps and a tweed blazer for a more casual variaton on the combo.

    The Classic Camel Coat

    Opting for a toggle for this fall's camel coat.

    Mix it up

    A slightly more tailored approach to the camel coat + a rad pair of
    leopard pumps for contrast.

    Jewel Tones

    Bringing this season’s cobalt blues and deep reds together.

    Mix it up

    Same jewel tone principle, using another set of components.

    Prep School

    Fall’s preppy must-haves: torn jeans, a schoolboy blazer and velvet slippers.

    Mix it up

    A variation on the theme in green, with a denim top under a cable-knit sweater.

    Everyday Tweed

    A brown tweed coat pairs well with these bright blue jeans.

    Mix it up

    Same idea with different components; a tweed blazer to
    pair with cobalt blue jeans.

    Photographs by Paola Kudacki

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