1. goop mag #7

    Published: September 19th 2013

    This week we continue to crush out on fall fashion. We scoured NET-A-PORTER for our most wanted looks, and loved putting them together for a mini...

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  2. goop mag #6

    Published: July 18th 2013

    I often buy a nice pair of trousers or a skirt thinking, "I gotta branch out here," but almost every day, I end up putting on a pair of jeans. Let's...

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  3. British Designers Now

    Published: May 30th 2013

    Right now we’re seeing a burst of incredible creativity in British fashion. I was surprised to find that many of the looks I wore recently for the...

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  4. Punk - On & Off the Red Carpet

    Published: May 16th 2013

    The Met Ball, at NYC's Metropolitan Museum of Art, is always the year's most elaborate display of incredible fashion and this year was no different....

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  5. Healthy Meal Deliveries

    Published: May 2nd 2013

    One of the most difficult aspects of weight loss and/or achieving good nutritional intake is the time it takes to research, create menus, shop,...

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  6. The Annual Spring Edit

    Published: March 21st 2013

    Back by popular request, here is our third annual spring fashion edit of NET-A-PORTER. Find inspiration for outfits for all aspects of your busy...

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