1. The English Pharmacy

    Published: March 29th 2012

    One of the many exciting things about living in England for a good part of the year is the perpetual discovery. I am constantly delighting in what...

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  2. Ready for Spring

    Published: March 1st 2012

    This week we got an early start on Spring shopping with an edit of our favorite key pieces for the season. And, because you asked for it, in the...

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  3. Our First App

    Published: December 13th 2011

    Surprise! This week, goop arrives on a Tuesday. I have always dreamed of finding a city guide that would be just right for me, like a trusted...

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  4. The Holiday Gift Guide

    Published: November 10th 2011

    Once again the holidays are almost upon us! One of our favorite yearly tasks is bringing you the holiday gift ideas newsletter, and this year is no...

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  5. The GOOP Summer Kit

    Published: July 27th 2011

    This week we’ve rounded up our old summer favorites and some new finds that are travel-ready and will get you fully prepared for the beach....

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  6. Summerill & Bishop

    Published: July 20th 2011

    This week we have some summery tabletop inspiration from one of my favorite kitchen shops in London, Summerill & Bishop. We’ve gotten a special...

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