1. The GP 13

    Published: February 27th 2014

    The GP 13 Our obsession with 'best of' lists comes home to roost this week as we initiate our own, with more to...

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  2. Long Winter Weekend Guide

    Published: February 6th 2014

    Long Winter Weekend Guide Presidents' Day is around the corner. Although a seemingly rando holiday, I think we...

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  3. Last Minute Holiday Travel

    Published: December 11th 2013

    Last Minute Holiday Travel For those of us who may have somehow overlooked making a holiday plan, or didn't make ...

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  4. goop mag #11

    Published: October 31st 2013

    Dedicated to anyone who loves oysters as much as I do, this issue chronicles a totally dreamy trip through the shores of West Marin, California,...

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  5. goop summer mag

    Published: July 25th 2013

    It's almost August and for me that means tomatoes are upon us. My little veggie patch is bursting with all different varieties. When they are ripe...

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  6. indo mag

    Published: July 11th 2013

    This past May, a dream of mine came true when I traveled to Indonesia for the first time. Through a very unique travel agency called Momentum (who...

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