1. 48 Hours in Japan

    Published: June 20th 2013

    This week we bring you GO Tokyo/Kyoto, replete with our food/hotel tips, adventures, some great stores and beautiful photos. As incredible as Japan...

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  2. Santa Barbara Scrapbook

    Published: April 11th 2013

    Santa Barbara (where I went to college, briefly) is such a jewel of a little city. We were just there over the Easter holidays. Here is my scrapbook. ...

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  3. the la city guide

    Published: February 7th 2013

    Today, after much research and pounding of the pavement, we proudly bring you our goop Los Angeles City Guide, now available in the App Store....

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  4. Pop-Up Paris

    Published: January 24th 2013

    Inspired by Couture Week, which just ended, and all the very au courant and spontaneous things to see in Paris these days, we decided to explore...

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  5. Brooklyn

    Published: October 18th 2012

    Brooklyn has changed so much since I was a kid, and parts of it are probably unrecognizable from when my dad was born at Brooklyn Jewish hospital in...

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  6. The Hamptons Guide

    Published: July 26th 2012

    For those of us who will be in or passing through any one of the Hamptons this summer, we've compiled a best of. And for those of you who...

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