1. The Hamptons Guide

    Published: July 26th 2012

    For those of us who will be in or passing through any one of the Hamptons this summer, we've compiled a best of. And for those of you who...

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  2. Escapes

    Published: July 12th 2012

    A little trip away in the summer is exciting and rejuvenating, especially if you can't take all of August off like the Italians/French do. Always...

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  3. Washington, DC

    Published: April 26th 2012

    A friend told me the other day that they wanted to go to DC to catch the end of the cherry blossom season (this weekend, basically) and asked if I...

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  4. Lisbon Guide

    Published: January 26th 2012

    I became friends with Randy Poster when we did The Royal Tenenbaums together—I acted, he did the music supervision. Randy has parlayed his talent...

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  5. Beijing Scrapbook

    Published: December 1st 2011

    I had always wanted to visit mainland China, so when I was invited to Beijing to perform at an event, I jumped at the very generous invitation. It...

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  6. Scrapbook from the Venice Film Festival (Contagion Premiere)

    Published: September 8th 2011

    Hello lovely readers! I’m just back from a delightfully laborious Labor Day weekend in Venice, Italy, where I was in attendance for the premiere of ...

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