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    A London Picnic

    This week, in honor of the launch of our brand new London city guide (!) (see below) and in hopes of encouraging summer to appear, we have the ultimate guide to a London picnic. Which you might need to have in a teepee. Or your living room.


    Picnic in Hampstead

    Hampstead Heath, with its lush countryside feel, is a natural respite amidst a bustling city and one of London's largest and most popular parks. The Heath is particularly loved for its wildlife, walking trails and long-grassed, heathland meadows, where we make our whimsical picnic on this London summer day.

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    Low-Fuss Picnic Menu

    Today we go classic picnic – tasty sandwiches, bite-sized veggies, homemade pink lemonade and chips. This menu works for those who wake up on a Saturday, cooler-less, and decide it’s a great day for picnic, as well as those who are fully kitted out. We avoid lettuce salads that tend to wilt when they travel, watery veggies on sandwiches (no one likes soggy bread), hard cheeses that sweat in heat, dairy, mayo and seafood, all of which are never great when left unrefrigerated.

    Pink Lemonade

    Muddled cherries give this lemonade the perfect pink hue, without using anything artificial or sugar.

    makes 6

    • 6 cups water
    • 1/2 cup agave nectar
    • 3 1-inch lemon peels
    • 2 cups freshly squeezed lemon juice (about 12 lemons)
    • 6-8 cherries


    1.In a small saucepan, combine agave, lemon peels and 1 cup water. Bring to a gentle boil over medium high heat. Simmer until agave is dissolved. Remove from heat and cool.

    2.Muddle the cherries with a mortar and pestle. Add to a large pitcher. Add water and lemon juice.

    3.Remove lemon peels from the agave water and add liquid to the pitcher. Stir to combine. Serve over ice in mason jars.

    Crudités with Cannellini Bean Hummus

    Raw veggies are a refreshing and surprisingly satisfying snack when done right, and especially when paired with our creamy and rich cannellini bean hummus. Skip the ubiquitous pre-packed baby carrots and go for the freshest, seasonal veggies you can find.

    veggie suggestions:

    • green and yellow French beans, trimmed
    • radishes, whole
    • endive, broken into leaves right before eating
    • asparagus, sliced in half lengthwise, into spears
    • any fresh veggie you like, sliced into bite-sized bits…

    ingredients for the hummus:
    makes about 1 cup

    • 1 can or 24-ounce jar cannellini beans
    • juice of 1 lemon
    • 2 garlic cloves, minced
    • 1/2 cup tahini paste
    • 1 tsp ground cumin
    • sea salt
    • freshly ground pepper
    • 1/2 cup extra-virgin olive oil


    1.Sprinkle veggies with high-quality sea salt and drizzle with lemon before packing (this will help veggies retain their vibrant color).

    2.Place the beans, lemon juice, garlic, tahini paste and cumin in a food processor. Start pulsing and slowly drizzle in the olive oil. Pulse until smooth but still a bit chucky.

    3.Season with salt and pepper and garnish with a drizzle of olive oil and fresh herbs.

    Roast Cauliflower with Chili, Garlic,
    Capers & Lemon

    When cauliflower is roasted at a high temperature with such natural flavor enhancers as garlic and lemon, it becomes wonderfully charred and tasty. The chili gives it just the right kick and the capers some tang. Great warm, this is even better room temperature, when all the flavors start to mingle.

    makes 4

    • 1 head of cauliflower, outer green leaves removed, broken into bite-sized florets
    • 2 cloves of garlic, minced
    • 1 small red chili, deseeded and sliced
    • 1 tbsp capers
    • juice of 1 and a half lemons
    • olive oil
    • sea salt
    • freshly ground pepper


    1. Preheat your oven to 425°F.

    2. Blanch the cauliflower in salted boiling water for about 2-3 minutes, then drain in a colander. When it’s completely dry, add to a roasting pan. Season with salt and pepper.

    3. With a pestle and mortar, bash the chili, garlic and a pinch of salt until it forms a paste. Add 2-3 tablespoons of olive oil, mix and pour over cauliflower. Pour over the juice of 1 lemon, and reserve the rest. Toss to coat every floret.

    4. Roast uncovered for 25-30 minutes, mixing once or twice to even out the browning.

    5. Remove from oven and sprinkle immediately with lemon and capers. Toss to coat.

    Balsamic Zucchini, Artichoke &
    Chèvre Focaccia

    The crispy sweet balsamic zucchini, creamy artichoke and goat cheese melt into the fresh foccacia in a delightful combination of flavors. This is also great served open-faced, as a tartine.

    makes 2

    • 1 large zucchini or 2 small-medium zucchini sliced thin lengthwise and then once in half
    • 2-3 prepared artichoke hearts (either steam yourself or get a good-quality jar), torn into chunky pieces
    • 2-3 tablespoons goat cheese
    • focaccia
    • extra virgin olive oil
    • balsamic vinegar
    • sea salt
    • freshly ground pepper


    1. Season zucchini with salt and pepper and coat with olive oil and vinegar. Toss to mix.

    2. Heat the barbeque, grill pan or broiler on high. Grill or broil for about 1-2 minutes on each side, until nicely charred.

    3. Slice the focaccia lengthwise. Spread the chevre evenly on each side (or just one depending on your preference). Layer the artichokes evenly on the bottom piece of bread then layer the zucchini evenly on top of that.

    4. Close and slice.

    Chicken Cutlet Baguette with
    Roasted Peppers & Pesto

    A simple and hearty sandwich with incredible flavor. The breaded chicken and lack of mayo or dairy (aside from a bit of parmesan in the pesto) makes it great for travel.

    makes 2

    for the sandwich:

    • 1 baguette
    • 2 boneless, skinless chicken breasts (preferably organic, free-range)
    • 3 tablespoons flour
    • ¼ cup of milk
    • ¼ cup dry bread crumbs (Italian or Japanese panko works great)
    • olive oil
    • Roasted Bell Peppers, torn into pieces
    • sea salt
    • freshly ground pepper

    for the pesto:

    • 1 cup loosely packed basil leaves
    • ½ cup loosely packed parsley leaves
    • 2 garlic cloves
    • 1/3 cup olive oil
    • 1/3 cup grated parmesan cheese
    • 1/2 cup pine nuts


    1. Place chicken breasts between two pieces of plastic wrap or baking paper. Pound the chicken until about half an inch thick. Season with salt & pepper.

    2. Place milk in a shallow bowl and the flour and breadcrumbs on two separate large plates. Dip the chicken in the flour (a light dusting) then into the milk and finally dredge in the breadcrumbs, tapping off an excess.

    3. Coat the bottom of a large frying pan with olive oil, about ½ inch deep, over medium high heat. When the oil is hot enough to sizzle carefully place the chicken breasts in the oil. Cook for about 3 minutes on each side, until lightly browned and crisp. Remove and season to your liking.

    4. Meanwhile, combine all the pesto ingredients except the olive oil in a food processor. Cover and pulse until combined. Slowly drizzle in the olive oil and pulse until smooth. (This pesto will keep in the fridge for up to two weeks.)

    5. Slice the baguette in half lengthwise, and slather an even amount of pesto on both sides. Lay the cutlets evenly on top and add as many peppers as you like. Close and slice in half on a bias.


    Homemade Chips

    OK, so it takes some effort for something that can be easily bought in a bag, but homemade chips, crisp but billowy with some delicious give in the middle, are actually really worth it. This recipe is great with sweet potatoes and beets as well.


    • 4 large potatoes, (Yukon Gold work well) about 1.5 lbs
    • vegetable oil (for frying)
    • sea salt
    • freshly ground pepper
    • fresh torn parsley


    1. Slice potatoes as thin as possible, about 1/8" thick. It helps to use a mandolin if you have one. Let them soak in a bowl of warm water for about five minutes, drain and dry on towels, making sure all the water is removed.

    2. Meanwhile, pour the oil about 3 inches deep into a large pot over high heat. Working in small batches, about a handful at a time, fry for about 3-4 minutes until they are golden brown. Transfer chips to a colander, using a slotted spoon and shake out the excess oil and sprinkling them with sea salt at the same time. Transfer to paper towels.

    3. Season chips with freshly ground pepper, torn parsley and more sea salt as desired.

    Photography by Ali Allen

    Goop's London City Guide is Here!

    Our new London guide is now available to download within the goop City Guides app in the App Store!

    Included in the price ($3.99) the goop City Guides app comes with guides to New York (with updated content), London and soon-to-be-released Los Angeles.

    To access our London guide:

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    Stocking Up in London

    London is pretty much a picnic-goers dream in terms of specialty shops for anything from tiffin tins to scrumptious freshly-baked goods. Here are just a few of our favorite shops from our London City Guide where we stopped for our Hampstead Heath picnic.

    Labour and Wait & Toast

    These are both great shops where you can find stylish, utilitarian blankets, plates, utensils and more for your picnic.


    We found our focaccia and chocolate cookies at Ottolenghi, a restaurant, bakery and deli that makes remarkably delicious food to-go.

    The Natural Kitchen

    We stopped at The Natural Kitchen for our chicken breasts for the cutlet sandwiches. The Natural Kitchen is a butcher, grocer and deli in Marylebone, dedicated to working with small production local farms.

    Planet Organic

    The veggies on our picnic menu came from Planet Organic, an awesome one-stop supermarket for all things organic in London.

    La Fromagerie

    And Daylesford Organic both offer a beautiful array of carefully selected fruits and vegetables, specialty foods, breads and cheeses to pick up for a city picnic.

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