1. Feast

    Published: November 8th 2012

    Well, today is the 200th weekly issue of goop. To celebrate, we put together a holiday dinner celebration, replete with gorgeous festive recipes and...

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  2. Small Bites

    Published: October 11th 2012

    I am a real snacker. Most days I don't sit down to a real full meal until dinnertime (sorry, cd!). Lately I have been trying to improve the quality...

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  3. The Lobster Roll

    Published: September 6th 2012

    We're back! The price of New England lobster is currently the lowest it’s been in 30 years. To celebrate that fact while we rue the end of summer,...

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  4. A London Picnic

    Published: July 19th 2012

    This week, in honor of the launch of our brand new London city guide (!) and in hopes of encouraging summer to appear, we have the ultimate guide to...

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  5. Cooking at Catch

    Published: July 5th 2012

    The other day I had the great fortune of getting a kick-ass cooking lesson from James Beard nominee Keith Rhodes (one of if not the best chef in...

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  6. Food Hero, Seamus Mullen

    Published: May 10th 2012

    Hero Food by Seamus Mullen is one of those cookbooks that comes along once in a while that makes you feel really inspired. Seamus is a wonderful...

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