1. goop mag #5

    Published: June 27th 2013

    I recently discovered Kitchit, an awesome service in NY, LA, Chicago and the Bay Area that hooks you up with one of any number of their chefs who...

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  2. goop mag #4

    Published: June 13th 2013

    There's a little something for (almost) everyone in this week's mag. We've done a mini 'GO' on my mother's hometown, Philadelphia, through the eyes...

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  3. goop celebrates the beginning of summer

    Published: May 23rd 2013

    On Tuesday, we at goop celebrated the impending summer (oh, and could someone please inform Britain that spring has begun, incidentally) with a...

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  4. Mother's Day

    Published: May 9th 2013

    With each passing year, my understanding of what it means to be a mother deepens, gets challenged and teaches me more about myself and who I would...

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  5. goop mag #2

    Published: April 4th 2013

    In today's goop-zine, we cover some easy DIY hair styles, the PAD design fair in Pareee (be still my heart) and other happenings and tidbits. Oh!...

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  6. Heartbreak

    Published: February 14th 2013

    Our last two Valentine's issues here at goop have been about cultivating romance in couple-dom. But what if you are all by your lonesome this year?...

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