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    Here are some things that have inspired me/made me happy this week.


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    Crêpes for breakfast.

    Worked on some new hairstyles for Apple.

    Worked for Hugo Boss.

    Photo shoot. #sneakpeak

    More hairstyles. This time at the photo shoot.

    My obsession.

    Daffodil in her work attire. #security

    Made turkey meatballs.

    Dark meat is key.


    Prodigal Sons - an amazing documentary to watch.

    Worked some more for
    Hugo Boss.

    It's Hip Hop Week

    P.S. Explicit lyrics. Do with that information what you will...

    "Fu**in Problems"
    by A Rocky

    by Kanye West, Jay-Z and Big Sean

    "Bad A** Strippa"
    by Jentina

    Pre-Thanksgiving. Was too drunk to take a pic when the turkey was done, I think.

    Made turkey tacos from the leftovers the day after.

    Discovered a great activewear brand named Lolë and this jacket.

    This movie is inspired.

    Bought some cookbooks.

    Got this cozy jumper at rag & bone. It's like wearing a hug.

    Sautéing soffrito
    for stuffing.

    I got obsessed with this bracelet by Sheryl Lowe.

    Watched the sunset
    in Santa Barbara.

    I found the most amazing juice cleanse company with the best tasting juices ever.

    And I got this cool papier-mâché elephant head from Restoration Hardware’s new kids line, baby & child. It’s in French newspaper!

    #love my stripey
    Paul Smith socks.

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