goop celebrates...

    ...the beginning of summer.

    On Tuesday, we at goop celebrated the impending summer (oh, and could someone please inform Britain that spring has begun, incidentally) with a wonderful dinner at London's venerable eating establishment, Mark's Club. We invited many of our friends and collaborators and served them a New England summer feast. Below are the snaps.




    The Menu

    We goop’d Mark’s Club's menu, bringing some classic New England fare to this traditional English club.

    The Test

    A couple weeks before the event, we went over to Mark’s Club to test out our recipes with the amazing kitchen team. Here’s how it went down:

    Ben Hughes, Mark's Club Head Chef and Adrian Martin, Birley Group Executive Chef

    Chef Adrian and his team started prepping pretty early.

    Making the sofrito for the main course, Baked Stuffed Lobster from My Father's Daughter...

    Stuffed and ready to bake.

    We joined shortly after (with coffee).

    The first version of the wedge salad – the taste was great and though it was beautifully presented, we found it a bit too fancy for our New England style dinner. So...

    We put it on a plate and got rid of the edible flower.

    We also thought it’d be a little more authentic with smaller bits of bacon and a chunkier blue cheese dressing.

    This is really pretty, but not American-style shrimp cocktail. #culturaldifferences

    Tasting the mini lobster rolls. They’re delish, but we decided the buns should be buttered and toasted.

    The tested canapés + notes. The oysters and mignonette are great, but hoping to serve some smaller ones at the party.

    We decided to serve the fried clam canapés in their shells, with the tartar sauce between the shell and the clam, so you could get it all in one bite.

    The vegetarian main course option: Black Truffle Mac'n'Cheese. This tested perfectly, with no changes necessary.

    And the lobster. Adrian and team presented the lobster two ways – one with the whole lobster still intact and the other with just the tail. We decide to go with just the tail to keep things simple.

    We wanted to serve a cold, crunchy coleslaw on the side to complement the lobster. This was great, but needed just a touch more acidity, so we added some lemon.

    More sides – grilled asparagus and corn. Simple and perfect.

    Talking bread. We agree on a Boston brown bread for the bread basket. We tested a few different rolls to go with it, but decide on garlic bread instead. Describing to Chef Adrian how it’s made.

    And finally, desserts. Our inspiration for the key lime pie was Martha Stewart’s version, which is the best. The crust on ours was spot on but the key lime factor needed to be kicked up a few notches. On the shortcake – a biscuit in England is a cookie (as shown above). We opted for the real deal - buttermilk-style American biscuit for the event.

    The Event

    In season pink peonies, white hydrangeas and pink roses. And, Old Bay on every table.

    Cocktail Hour

    We kicked off the evening with some Veuve Clicquot Rosé and our perfect dirty martini. (It can be difficult to find pimento stuffed olives here in England, but we had them for the party.)

    Fried clams and corn fritters.

    We got all New England on our canapés, which included mini corn fritters, mini lobster rolls, fried clams, classic shrimp cocktail, oysters, and a cold cucumber & avocado soup.

    With our CEO, Seb

    Photos: Richard Young

    In the Kitchen

    We nipped out of cocktail hour early to help prepare for dinner.

    Defending the concept of turkey bacon to the Mark’s kitchen team.

    Putting final touches on the wedge.

    The garlic bread - picture perfect.


    The star of the night: baked, stuffed lobster, New England style.

    Photos: Richard Young

    With the girls of Editorial, Christina Liva & Eliza Honey

    Back to the kitchen... help finish dessert.

    Shortcake ready to go out.

    Spooning the lime Chantilly onto our mini key lime pies.

    Red, "white" and blue salt water taffy.

    Back at the Table...

    Key lime pie and salt water taffy

    Each of our 50 guests left with a signed copy of It’s All Good inside their gift bag.

    A very special thank you to Mark's Club and Veuve Clicquot.

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