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    Heirloom Tomato Salad

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    makes 1

    for salad:

    • 1 ripe heirloom tomato, sliced into wedges
    • 1 handful of ripe cherry tomatoes, sliced in half lengthwise
    • 1 handful of ripe grape tomatoes, sliced in half lengthwise
    • 1 scallion (just the white part), chopped
    • 1 teaspoon of chopped chives
    • palmful of crumbled Roquefort (or any cheese of your choice)
    • pickled shallots

    for dressing**:

    • 1 teaspoon white wine vinegar
    • 1/4 tablespoon of raw local honey
    • 2 tablespoons of olive oil
    • pinch of maldon sea salt
    • a few grinds of fresh pepper

    **use any favorite dressing for this salad


    1. To make the dressing: Add the honey to the white wine vinegar and stir to dissolve. (If it’s not dissolving, you can put the mixture in a glass bowl over low heat to warm it up.) Add a few healthy grinds of fresh pepper. Drizzle in the olive oil, add another few grinds of fresh pepper and a pinch of sea salt to taste.

    2. Arrange the tomatoes on a serving plate. Sprinkle the cheese, shallots, scallions, chives and dressing over top.